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Dye box rotor issue


Jun 5, 2013
I brought a brand new box rotor and took Into.the field Sunday. I'll start by saying it's amazing. It did however have a minor problem that iv seen a few other posts about.

I'll start by saying that it was sealed, I got the bolt, board and everything and had the techies on my paintball site install it to make sure it was all fine.

Basically the rotor has a little bit of slack when it's loaded onto the gun. At first I thought it was probably intentional so ignored it. Shot perfect on the range with single burst or full auto throwing over 200 balls into the wall. However when I got on field I noticed that it wasn't always feeding. I found that if I hold the rotor from the bottom to stop the rotor slacking it would feed perfectly. The problem is that it's very difficult to play and hold the mag in place.

Iv seen some posts saying it's to do with the retainer clip and the problem was solved. But it never gives any clues to the solution.

Can anyone help?

Ash - GI Sportz

GI Sportz
Jun 14, 2006
GI Towers
Hey Ezrog

Your best bet is to contact our technical support team: technik@dyeprecision.com

I believe it has something to do with the retainer clip in the top of the feed stack, but they will be able to confirm and advise the best course of action.


Ash Chaplen
DYE Europe