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Dye DM12 Lime Green Paintball GUN


Jul 12, 2012
Hello guys,

For sale Dye DM12 Lime Green. So I used this gun as my first gun for my first year, then I had this gun as a spare gun, but never used since. Back in 2017 I did send this gun to Dye (Germany) and they changed the solenoid, did cost me around £ 100 for brand new solenoid! Gun will come with all standard package + full spare o rings kit (you can rebuild gun 5 times). Please see pictures of the items included in this deal. Of course gun have some mark of use, so please do not expect brand new gun!

Price is £250 pounds!

Price will include postage and fees. All my gear is very, very look after. Cleaned after each training!


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