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Eclipse HDE Camo Pants - M & HDE Camo Jersey - S (More like M)


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Sep 13, 2007
The HDE Pants have been regularly worn but machine washed after every use. I removed the internal padding before the first wear so its in perfect condition and has never been through the machine. There is some abrasion wear to the knees as you can see from the pics but everything else is in tact. Size Medium which I would say is pretty accurate for a 32" waist.

The HDE Jersey is hardly used as all since purchase - maybe twice and over a bounce vest at that. Washed after each wearing, it is in perfect condition and has all of the original velcro patches. Size Small but it comes up mich larger than a normal Small T-Shirt. I'm normally a Medium with a 38" Chest and this Size small is fine.


upload_2019-1-20_16-50-24.jpeg upload_2019-1-20_16-50-48.jpeg upload_2019-1-20_16-52-9.jpeg upload_2019-1-20_16-56-2.jpeg
upload_2019-1-20_16-53-10.jpeg upload_2019-1-20_16-53-19.jpeg upload_2019-1-20_16-53-32.jpeg upload_2019-1-20_16-57-36.jpeg
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