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Ego 06 Rammer Bumper Spares (XSV SL66)


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Hi all. Can anyone point me to someone who still has any 06 Ego spares? A net search is coming up blank less o Ring kits which don't seam to have the bumper in them!

My XSV Ego took 4 boxes at paintfest, but that appears to have killed the old bumper :-(

Failing that does a more recent version fit?

Thanks in advance :)


Certified Eclipse Tech
Feb 13, 2012
Check this out. The etek 1 spare parts kit has the bumper you're after. It's in stock at paintball.de which is planets EU offering.

I know it says Etek 1. But you're talking alot of cross compatibility.
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That's a good find Stewart, and I know Stephan and Thomas well from back to the OPM days, however I only need the bumper so E50 is a bit much! I found <this> however in Prague, which I keep meaning to go to again :)

Guess it will have to do unless anyone has the bumper spec/dimensions such that I could source some from industry?