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EGO LV1.5. The legend continues.

Al Woods

GFH Trouble Maker
Jul 7, 2001
Your 30
That's right kids. We've just launch an updated version of the LV, the LV1.5.

As with the CS1.5 this is an updated, tweaked and tickled version of its core model with some nice features.

As we all know, the LV is great to use and holds up against any of the newer stuff out there and is the benchmark for all poppet markers in terms of performance, reliability and pedigree.

Check out the video, the links and let us know what you think.

Again, this isn't a complete redesign of the platform but an EGO LV with some new features and fresh milling. Perfect for those looking to update theirs or for those looking to join the EGO way of life.

Nitty gritty right here: http://planeteclipse.com/markers/view/lv15/

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