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Ego XSV SL74

Chris Team I.C.E.

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Sorry for maybe spamming with two posts in a row in the advice section, hope it’s not over the top mods.

Due to not being involved in sport I’m selling my old kit, and I have my beloved XSV SL74. It’s been an incredible marker. Bought from new, used for 2 seasons for tournaments and practices. By far the best marker I ever used, a joy to use. White and gold, though in the flesh I think it’s more of a light silver/grey than white.

Complete in original box, with cure bolt fitted. It was extremely well looked after, cleaned and lubed after every use with regular maintenance every month. I had been certified on the planet eclipse tech course and was pretty anal with this marker due to my love of it. Comes with box of spares/ o rings.

In excellent condition. The only serious blemishes are on the tip of one barrel, where the paint has been scuffed so it looks more metally, and has some slight scuffs slightly higher on the barrel. Thankfully the colour of the barrel is very similar to the based anodised metal so it’s barely noticeable, the damage can be seen in photos below And it’s pretty minor. Other than that, the grips feel slightly tacky, though perfectly fine other than missing a tiny bit of rubber next to one of the screw holes for the grip. This isn’t really noticeable and doesn’t effect performance/ aesthetics.

As mentioned before used for 2 seasons from new. And long gap before last using again at a walk on a few years ago where it performed great(sadly I did not). If I remember correctly before that use I replaced a couple of o rings and changed the qev. But it has very little use for a long time so will probably benefit from checking and changing o rings etc. Don’t currently have access to air but I can’t see any reason why there would any major issue at all.

more pictures here: https://s1372.photobucket.com/user/cwisgween/slideshow/Oracle/XSV SL74

Is there much of a market for these any more? I’m very out of touch and have no idea what the kids are using with their new fangled kit.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Left the game what I thought was temporarily a long time ago due to personal circumstances, then family illness/death, sickness and injury meant I never returned so have finally got round to clearing out my old kit.

Cheers guys.


Dec 29, 2007
Looks in great shape.

I would say you would be looking at £250+ to a collector.

Would be a great piece to have


New Member
Mar 19, 2020
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This area of the forum is for advice only, not for offers against an item

The seller will need to raise a sales post or you would need to raise a wanted post

New members are restricted on their access to classifieds, which takes approx 2 weeks and a number of posts or the instant route is via the Platinum membership upgrade
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