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Elliot T's Collection of Classic Markers

Elliot T

Active Member
Jan 23, 2013
This is the majority of my collection, most of which contains AKA markers, Vintage Matrix, and Autocockers. Enjoy.

AKA Vikings and Excaliburs

Highlander Viking

"Thor" Immortal Viking

"Bushido" Viking
Yes, the Bushido. Japanese for "The Way of the Warrior". If you've heard of this Viking, then you probably already know what it is!

Dark Matter Viking
1 of 10 Vikings made for Team Dark Matter

DCF-1 Viking
1 of the 2 Super DCF 'Holy Grail' Vikings. The second shown below this one.
Both DC and JMJ had a hand in the milling. These 2 Vikings were the 2nd and 3rd vikings to ever get special FSP treatment from DC, right after Jared's own Viking. JMJ then took the liberty of milling their signature Swirl lines on both markers in REVERSE. They're the only markers to have reversed swirls, and are perhaps the lightest and nicest Vikings ever made. Both are well under 2 lbs for just the gun, and have all the best custom parts. This gun's creator, Spartan, stopped keeping count on how much it was costing him to make when the total hit 3 grand.

DCF-2 Viking
The second of the two Super DCF Vikings. Full PL Scepter kit and 90* Tarantula frame.

'03 Streamline Excalibur
1 of 3 '03 Streamline Excaliburs in Jurassic Goo color scheme. This is the only one not drilled for eyes.

'04 Streamline Excalibur

Highlander Excalibur
1 of 8, the only one in black

Vintage Matrix

Prototype Aardvark F1 Matrix
Aardvark's test bed guns and precursors to all the Entity, Tequila, and Tequila Sunrise guns. 1 of 5, each uniquely designed. This F1 has never been anodized.

Entity Matrix
1 of 17 made for the pro team Los Angeles Ironmen. 14 of them were given directly to the team, thus never publicly sold. The last 3 were kept with the company and the employees.

Entity Matrix
1 of 3 Entity Matrix guns in Silver. Previously owned by Andy Kopcok of the Ironmen.

Entity Matrix
The only gold Entity Matrix of the 17. Previously owned by Yosh Rau of the Ironmen.

'The Gator' Prototype Ironmen Matrix
A mysterious 1-off Ironmen Matrix with an unknown history.

The Flagged Prototype Ironmen Matrix
The original 1-off Ironmen Matrix. Milled by Duane Parsons in collaboration with Rich Telford.
The original design had something that looked like flags on the side but, after producing that, the team came up with the 3 teardrops instead for the production guns. - Duane Parsons

Demonic Matrix
Tez Patel of the Roughneck Rider's personal matrix. 1/1(?). Tez is responsible for the creation of the uber rare Demonic autocockers, as you can see by the design resemblance's.

KAPP Flame Matrix
1 of just 24 made by Kick Ass Paintball Products, each with different anodizing.

KAPP Flame Matrix
Another 1 of the 24

Shocktech Trauma Matrix
1 of 25 made for the professional team Baltimore Trauma (one of my favorite teams ever). Milling work on these guns were done by Danny love, who was also responsible for the Westwood and Shocktech's legendary autococker tuning. Tadao's first board and eyes were designed specifically for the Trauma guns and were marketed as the Trauma Eye Board.

FreeFlow Lockout Matrix
1 of 20 made for Team Lockout of Rochester, New York.


Thanks to Wolf13 and Thomas for providing some of this information!

The Revenge V3
"Some guns are so unique and rare that their existence is nearly legendary, and to own one is a dream. Satco 700, Pheonix, RTP Auto-Viper, Revenge V3; all names that make the knowledgeable sit up and take notice. To a fan of AKA, cockers or oddballs in general, the V3 has a mystique all its own. Although two or three are rumored to exist, according to a former owner; Mike at Splat Attack built only a prototype and this one. The prototype was then destroyed. I have heard a lot of opinions and rumors stating otherwise, but I know I have never seen another one, though it would not surprise me if Mike kept one.
Although the the rear mounted ram is not new (Eyeball, Whither's and Nestle's work predated it by a few years), it does feature a few interesting evolutions, namely the internal air passage as well as the enhancements of the Revenge line. The roundbody Revenge V2 LE's introduction at the same time became the cap of the Revenge line and the V3 became just a footnote in history." Wolf13

'The Two-Face' Evolution X
This Evo X was milled as a historic piece to show the diference between a stock cocker and evo, and is the only one Belsales ever 1/2 milled, so it needed a 1/2 ano job, too. Dubbed the "2 Face". A 1 of 1 Evolution Angry frame in two-finger slider form was made for it, along with a few other 1-off features not found on other Evolution Xs. It's regarded as the Grandfather of the Evolution X line of autocockers. A matching half blue, half black Halo was also made to be used with it. It's creator was "DB" of Belsales. If it's an Evo or Belsales part made in the last 10 years, chances are he had a hand in its design, assembly, and fruition.
"Its HALF tourney and HALF recball, you should have seen peoples confusion when DB played out of both sides of the same bunker - everyone thought there were two people in the bunker lol" - DB's Girlfriend


Planet Eclipse Aurora
Planet Eclipse made 12 of these Aurora autocockers. The process called spectrum physical vapor deposition(?) causes a very high and narrow amount of electricity to pass through the metal to give it its prism finish. It is NOT the same as "oil slick". I have yet to confirm the rumors that of the 12 made, 5 left the factory as undrilled mechanicals. Planet Eclipse stopped doing this process because it was just too expensive for the return they expected.
But I digress..
Aurora #1

Aurora #2

This is another nearly unobtainable gun. The Wraith was a limited run by Dragon Designz, circa '03-04 . 'Like so many other custom cocker startups, this one made a very limited run and disappeared.'
This gun is LIGHT, its on par with a twister, if not lighter. Only 7 exist.
Wraith #1

Wraith #2
Another 1 of the 7 existing Wraiths. This was the last body off the mill before the company shut its doors. It sports a convenient pad for an E-Blade eye, though it is still undrilled.

09 Shocktech SFL

BPS Twister w/ Reflex Kit
One of the last Twister bodies to leave BPS. A full mill, P-Block, Vertical Feed, Acid Wash model that had all the right criteria for me to buy it. It has a very rare BPS reflex kit installed on it (essentially turning it into a full-auto autococker), which never gained popularity due to its high price (around $500 for just the kit itself) and tournament illegality. The kit was rapidly banned at many fields.

The Reflex Kit on an autococker finely demonstrated by Mr. Firpo:

Prototype Un-numbered Rudy Dean
A custom 1-off Rudy Dean autococker made by an employee for himself. This particular one was left un-numbered, with Rudy himself the only other person who owns the un-numbered Rudy Dean autocockers. His would very likely be prototypes. These were built by Rudy Dean with the idea of creating the ultimate low pressure autococker. The LPR is located where the HPR would typically be, so this requires the use of an adjustable regulated tank (Max-Flo, Conquest, etc.) or a preset screw-in tank coupled with something like a Palmer's female regulator. The Air then gets shot directly into the valve chamber through the elongated LPC looking part in the front block. About 150 numbered Rudy Dean Autocockers were made. An easy way to tell a Rudy Dean Body from anything else is the lack of any sort of detent system on most of his creations.

Chris Shanks Spine V (1 of 6)
A small private run of autocockers made by Chris Shanks of Planet Eclipse. All 6 bodies were milled to look different. This is #5 of those six, the lightest body out of the bunch.

Spanky Graveyard
This rare piece of art is a Spanky Graveyard Autococker; and it is indeed art, for the body and metal shroud are both airbrushed by hand, then clear coated. Finding one with a matching shroud is an even bigger challenge.
Hand Air brushed Spanky's are not to be confused with the FBM Graveyard line of autocockers.

Aces High Merlin (recently sold)
1 of 21 total Aces High Merlin Autocockers. This one in particular is a 1 of 7 in stage 2 milling.

Round Body CCM S5
A CCM employee confirmed for me that the number of Round Body S5s made could be counted on one hand. They were made for a few CCM employees, and are much rarer than the 'ribbed' round body S5's.

TCP Xtreme

Turbulance Nexus DC2
Your typical Nexus DC2 Autocockers. 146 of these were made.

Black Jack Nexus DC2

Platinum Nexus DC2


Angel Impact LCD

Angel Cobra Mamba LCD

Über Species Intimidator

Ripper 1 Intimidator
Fully 2k5'd with a matching Deco Block.

Ironmen Intimidator
Duallies and such.

Ironmen Intimidator
Tri-fade and mostly stock.

Shocktech DM4

My original thread after the jump: http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=3801058
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Jan 26, 2004
A simply stunning collection especially the Immortal & Highlander vikings and the red/black Wraith

They all come from an era when custom meant more than a simple anno on a main body and maybe different coloured eye covers sadly those days are now long gone...:(

Elliot T

Active Member
Jan 23, 2013
Like a history lesson..... WOW! Respect dude!
Thanks for the kind words

Whilst I personally am not a Cocker fanboy, or a fan of the other guns, I must say that this is a very Nice Gun Collection.

If only you had some Automags there, you would have wiggles01 wetting his pants !!!!

I've owned some very nice Mags in the past, all which seem to just get sold. I can't say they do much for me. :whistle:

Thanks for the compliment!

A simply stunning collection especially the Immortal & Highlander vikings and the red/black Wraith

They all come from an era when custom meant more than a simple anno on a main body and maybe different coloured eye covers sadly those days are now long gone...:(
It is indeed a lost art form. Companies got lazy! :sleep: