Empire Axe Pro + Super Freak Barrel Kit


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May 10, 2006
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Empire Axe Pro in red / black, had 33k shots when I purchased it in 2016 and unfortunately counter has been reset, but current count is shown at just over 2000 and would estimate overall total to be around 45k at the most, as I have only used it for 5 days playing since owning this marker, mainly at the Paintball South walk-on.

Has worked brilliantly everytime and never let me down at all, plus I have always cleaned and lubed the o-rings after each days playing with the Empire lube which is also included, along with the small spares kit, allen key selection and instruction manual.

Does have some anno wear to the original barrel tip, the rubber cover for the menu stick is also missing and there is a small broken section of the plastic in front of the screen, but has never caused any issues and still seals perfectly when battery covered is tightened down.


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