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EPBF... So what is the EPBF?

Mar 9, 2010
For many years there have been different bodies trying their best to improve Paintball and take some of the steps needed to make the sport of Paintball safer, more regulated, have better rules, etc. Some of these bodies have had much more success than others. The EPBF (European Paintball Federation) has been set up with these goals in mind. A centralised set of rules across all the different bodies, a European ranking system where players will receive points for playing in sanctioned events, to give European Paintball a recognised body to professionalise and to promote Paintball as a whole. As the EPBF grows I’m sure we will start to see many more interesting and innovative ways that the EPBF will hopefully help Paintball. The UK Fed and the UKPSF have discussed the EPBF at length and have decided to join the EPBF.

To be a part of the EPBF is something that the FED members believe is good for UK paintball. With England already holding the EPBF Nations Cup it was a no brainer to join the EPBF to enable the ‘Players’ to continue down this road. Joining the EPBF also gives the UK the ability to field teams into the EPBF European Championship, European Under 19 Championship and the Women’s European Championship at a reduced rate, as well as some other benefits like custom jerseys. It gives all UK teams the chance to earn ranking points while playing the CPPS events and firmly puts the UK on the European Paintball map.

The Fed isn’t going to try and take over any of the Nations teams, that isn’t our intention at all. We think the people involved did a great job last year and we want to try and support them if possible this year and into the future. The Fed believes that by joining the EPBF we will help the Nation's teams and also any teams that are serious about tournament Paintball.

Last year three UK teams finished in the top ten of the EPBF Euro Ranking; London Nexus (6th), Birmingham Disruption (7th) and Manchester Firm (8th). What better way to show your current and future sponsors how committed to the sport you are?

Where would you rank in Europe??

The members of the Fed that have stood up and paid money to join the EPBF are:

BZ Paintball
Just Paintball
Max’s UK
Planet Eclipse
Warped Sports

For more information on the EPBF visit the web site: http://www.epbf.info/


Old Baller, getting older
Jun 14, 2007
Northern England
Am I right in reading this that if you are not currently playing the CPPS domestically you will not receive ranking points for any other domestic tourney? Will the other tourneys be invited or is this the only way for UK ranking points? Please explain if I have misunderstood :)
Mar 9, 2010
At the moment this is correct. We wanted to join the EPBF before the first leg of the CPPS so teams could get ranking points. We are not sure what will happen in the furture.


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Sep 10, 2006
Play the cpps...and get all UK teams under one banner and ranked as they should be!!
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May 11, 2010
I think I see how it works... If you are registered for the Millennium or the Cpps then to play the london event is 300 euro's & if you are not it's 750 euro's

To play the event you need National Jerseys & these are supplied for free if you are a registered federation but if you are not they are 30 euro's each?

So the UKPBF if affiliated & as such any uk or selected uk teams can play? It is not very clear to me sorry can someone explain this to me?

Participating conditions
EPBF-affiliated National Federations:
- event registration fee - 300 EUR;
- teams receive 12 national teams jerseys free of charge from the EPBF official Supplier - Maxsimum company.

Non-affiliated National Federations:
- event registration fee - 750 EUR;
- teams should order jerseys from Maxsimum company directly, the special price was set to €30 per item for the amount up to 12 jerseys.
Registration will be closed in 4 weeks before the event, to give the National Federations a time to order National teams jerseys and for other tournament questions.


I'm a country member!
This is for the European Championship (nee Nations Cup) rather than for teams entering the London Masters (nee Campaing Cup) leg of the MS. The two events will be held side by side but the Championship is for national teams i.e. one team per nation entered by their participating federation, or otherwise. For all other teams the entry will be as other MS events.

Entry Fees per event: D2-D3
Division 2: €1440 inc. UK VAT** (€1200 without VAT)
Division 3: €900 inc. UK VAT (€750 without VAT)

Hope that helps
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