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Etek 3 - LPR Piston and Solenoid Problems - Where to buy parts ?


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May 15, 2003
Afternoon all,

I need some advice - my sons Etek3 developed an air leak over the weekend when playing. It is coming out of the small hole at the front of the solenoid and after stripping it down I think it could be the LPR piston that needs replacing before I go to the cost f replacing the noid.

Where can I buy the piston in the UK - I have been on the https://www.paintball.de/ site and they have both parts - but due to Brexit refuse to ship to the UK at present.

Anybody out there got a piston - or better still who is the best Eclipse Tech I can send the Etek to to diagnise the problem, service the marker and replace any parts ?

Thanks for your help,



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Oct 14, 2009
Any of the major retailers (Just Paintball) as well as members like myself can service most things.

If your on Facebook you can ask tech questions to Planet Techs on the techhub (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1314134762030054)

The seat on the end of the piston is a sealing disk, I believe I have some that will fit (not an Eclipse part), you would only need a new piston if the shaft is scratched really. Planet do not consider the seat as a replaceable part in itself.

If you post clear pics here or on the techhub you will be able to get more guidance.