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Exalt Launch bolt

nick hare

Well-Known Member
Jul 23, 2013
UPDATE prices for all in as its easier

Hi all.

Please read the below carefully.

Exalt Launch bolt complete with spare tip and O ring. £27

Shaft 4 boost kit in shine. Sizes .685 and .693.
£20 + fees and P&P
- SOLD to @Stan

Magenta and Anthracite Geo2 with POPS mod, original ASA, grips in near new condition, well looked after, lots of spare O rings, gaskets etc and case. Unfortunately this stopped working half through a game this Sunday (11.04.21) and it would appear that the solenoid has given up. It airs up fine, holds air with no leaks, bolt is in good condition, generally in good condition, slight age related marks and barrel tip wear as to be expected.
£85 all in (RM 1st class)
Nice little project for some
one to sort.
- SOLD to @crillz

will do package price £100 +
fees and P&P for all the above


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