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Finally .......


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Jul 5, 2001
It's taken a long time to get to this point but after many months of working with Dusty, Bon and Al Woods, the new forum should be up and running within ten days …
I really didn't realise how long it would take or the obstacles that would pay me a visit but we've gotten past the problems and we're now in the home straight.
I'm hoping you guys out there are going to like what we've done - and just so's you know, the new update/upgrade isn't set in stone, if you guys don't like anything or think we've missed something then please tell us and we'll do the best we can to put it right for you.

I must duly apologise to all our members/visitors for the delay in getting to this point but sometimes in life we really don't know what's coming round that corner …. I'm hoping Lady Luck pays us a visit now and then just to help us along the way, we shall see how it goes....

Over the past few years, paintball has fundamentally changed leastwise in the way we communicate amongst ourselves via social-media.
For those of you who’ve been visiting our site , some of whom have been coming for nearly 18 years, you’ll be well aware of the prominent position/role p8ntballer.com has played in our beloved sport/industry.
We were, and still will be, the number one hub for UK and European paintball but to maintain that position, work needs to be done and fundamental changes need to be made to our forum.

Over the years, P8ntballer became an institution but in the process became jaded mainly because social-media supplanted itself into our on-line world and proceeded to reduce a paintballer’s on-line experience to mere sound-bites ...

For those of us who remember the good ole days, we tend to think you guys are being short-changed with respect to your on-line experience when it comes to communication, articles, reviews and news etc.
Discussions were shrunk to virtual one-liners that effectively downgraded anything meaningful or of any significant purpose.
I soon realised that my skill-sets weren’t up to the task of updating/upgrading/redesigning p8ntballer.com but I wasn’t gonna just let P8ntballer.com wither into obscurity, it’s been an integral part of me and international paintball for a loooong time.
However, if I wanted to get p8ntballer running in the fast lane again, I needed help if I genuinely wanted to resuscitate our forum.

Luckily, I’ve got a lot of friends within our industry some of whom have been supporting P8ntballer for over 15 years now when advertising.
Just take a look at who advertises with us if you need convincing.
There is a reason why p8ntballer.com is the only European forum to host so many of the industry hierarchy for such a protracted period - these companies don’t throw money away that’s for sure, they pay for advertising on p8ntballer because they know it’ll be seen by the very people they want to see their advertising, you guys out there.

The friends responsible for helping me do a p8ntballer.com relaunch are Dusty, Bon and Al Woods.

The first two, Jim Montgomery [Dusty[ and John Coleman [Bon] a lot of you will know from on here, the third person, Al Woods, works for Planet as their media-techy ‘go to’ guy - he’s been a player for well over 12 years and been involved in our industry for just as long.
These are the people I felt most comfortable with and who I could trust.
And of course they knew WTF they were doing because I certainly didn’t.

As for the changes coming?
I’ve been working for several months alongside Dusty, Al and Bon, discussing new platforms, new add-ons, up-to-date media-presence, advertising formats and so on …..
Jim [Dusty] helps me focus on directions, Al Woods tells me what we need to do and Jon Coleman [Bon] oversees everything techy.

From a personal point of view, it’s true to say that over the years, I’d become a bit jaded and I needed something new/demanding to aim for, and so when Al Woods suggested revamping p8ntballer, I bit his arm off at the shoulder, and for the first time in years, I’ve got genuinely excited about what we’re trying to achieve here.
After months of work, I’m now hoping the upgrade will be completed in the next couple of weeks or so.
It won’t be an overnight transition that’s for sure, it’ll be a process that we can all get involved in should we wish.

And so, later today, Al Woods’ will be posting up what he's got in store for us re p8ntballer.
He's worked long and hard on this and I've little doubt it'll be a quality build.
As I mentioned before, Al is Planet's media techy guy and so I think we're in safe hands going by Planet's on-line presence.


By far the best thing to happen with p8ntballer for a very long time:-

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Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
PS A quick favour to ask of you … I'm not 100% up to speed on social media but I think I'm right in saying that if you want something 'out there' then it helps to ask people to share an event on FB.

Could you please share what's going on with us over on FaceBook with a link back to here……

Hopefully, we can get the message out there and get on with putting p8ntballer back to where it once was …. unassailed !

Thank guys ..


I Would
Dec 6, 2004
Well ... it’s been a while since I’ve browsed ... maybe that is fortuitous...

The world is waking up to the fact that social media is for douche-bags ... the king is dead .. long live the king