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Fitting a Cyclone Feed System to a 98 Custom - HELP!!!


Active Member
Jun 23, 2011
Sidcup, Kent

(Wasn't sure if I should post this in the Tippmann section below or in the hopper bit so took my chances with the hopper section)

Ok, so it could have been that I was ill last week trying to install this very simple piece of equipment to my Tippmann but for some reason I couldn't work it out so am turning to others for help.

Basically, I have attached the feed to the marker correctly but I am attempting to connect the banjo fitting onto the point it states you need to install it but I can't get the bloody screw element of the fitting to bite. Looking at it, it looks like the banjo fitting doesn't look big enough but this is a brand new set with the provided attachment suggesting that it should connect without any issues.

Am I missing something here in what seems to be a very simple set up?
Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Any help would be great!