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foam rockets / grenades for 40mm launchers, m203's


Oct 27, 2011
Got some foam rubber launchable 40mm grenades for sale. if you play scenario paintball and your site allows foam rockets for taking out tanks and bunkers etc these may just float your boat.These fit in any 40mm grenade launcher that has enough room in front of the grenade shell. Fine in a long barreld m203 but no good for one of those pistol launchers with a short barel. The grenades are 12.5 cm long so if in doubt put a shell in your launcher and measure the remaining barrel length with a ruler. These things are nice and safe as they are soft and spongy, a little softer than a nerf pocket howler with the added bonus that this actualy fits in 40mm launchers. Can be launched with any 40mm shell as long as you don't put paintballs or bbs in it and let the gas push the foam grenade. However the bigger your gas capacity the thurther they will fly. They spin in the air due to the canted tail fins. these are home made and will have mould lines and small air bubbles etc. all prices include postage inside the uk and paypal. £10 for 1 £15 for 2 £20 for 3 and £35 for 7. I made these because i couldnt buy them and ive got more materials than i need just for myself hense im gonna sell the extra to get some of my money back. Not going to make loads, once the various bottles of chemicals are empty thats it. Any questions drop me a pm. Cheers


tommy"the gun"webb

So Manc mafia
Sep 26, 2005
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Get in touch with tommy Webb on Facebook just to chat about GRENade launchers ! I’m trying to find you all. Me and jim from warped are putting together a patch for launchers at big events
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