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For sale kit bag clear out £ 350 plus shipping

Dan Phelps

New Member
Jan 11, 2020
Templecombe Somerset ba8 0lb
For sale, planet eclipse geo 3.0, dye rotor, FS Hero 88 tank and ninja v2 reg, freak barrel kit, Vforce grills, dye 4+? Pack, hlr 4 + 3 pack and JT 4 + 7 pack, load of pots.
haven’t used the kit for nearly a year now and don’t have any plans to carry on playing for a while. Geo is in good working order, occasional very slight air leak on the front grip but it doesn’t always do it and it can be twisted 1/8th or so and stop, never worried me and doesn’t loose enough air to be a issue. Tank was born 3/18 so plenty of life. Rotor has been fitted with speedfeed, one of the fins has been loose and flappy but still works fine. Freak kit is as new having only used one insert and forgetting about the other ones! All 3 packs could use a wash, the dye and jt are in fine order, the hlr has one Velcro pad that doesn’t grip, it never has and I’ve never worried. Grills are in silver and blue and are ok, lense is 9/10 and strap is 6.5/10 and could do with replacing at some point. Although it does still keep tight for a game and more.
For sale a whole lot, I don’t want bits and bobs hanging around for months in end!
Collection is preferred due to weight but I will weigh everything and get a quote for shipping and update price. And questions please ask.£350 plus shipping