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Formula 3/4/5/7


May 11, 2010
What a day it was!

This must of been one of the best events yet! The field was sooooo playable, with little blind moves & huge bunkers to stop visibility straight through yet complimented by teeny tiny blocks in just the right places to make the difference...

Being one of, if not the biggest player that plays this event (we need to have a measure up Madness...) I look at the layouts sometimes & think oh dear where can I live, but not this time, I even found the small block on the 40 offering me a brief hidey hole!

Is it just me or does the 4+3 format we are playing now offer more opportunities to move? It seems to me like Formula 3 that we have played these 2 times is just about perfect! When you add up the game time, re spawn, size of field, scoring, meltdown, reffing standard, entry fee & paint consumption I think it has finally come to be spot on value for money & playability!!!!!

Is the next event being moved to the week after the millennium?


i love formula 5's
Mar 27, 2006
south east london
Ho donk you bring the tape measure. This new format is the best formula 5 lite,regular formula 5 lite of one player on the field.John you've all most cracked it with this last change now let the teams come. It's the best