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Fraudulent activity by a buyer/WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS


Nov 27, 2006
Perhaps, perhaps not

It's not for me to talk for the forum

It's also not for the moderators to fully police what individuals say, they will step in for breaches of the rules and offensive content
And they have done so - but also kept it recorded

This thread has already been used as 'evidence' of bullying by the party concerned, and the forum owner was instructed by the police to take it down, other 'evidence' as a counter claim was held by the forum of offensive content that had been moderated, and the forum owner also refused to remove the thread for awareness as a community

Yes to freedom of speech, and innocent until proven guilty. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have my own, which has been given in comments on here

Remember that the forum is a facilitator but the responsibility for content remains with the individuals
There is an ongoing case, some comments can be read as directed at individuals, taking entertainment from it, an opportunity to comment for post count etc

Having had the thread used to distract from the issue already some content can again be used as a factor
There are 81 pages of content with a lot of comments just waiting to be a distraction tactic
There would apparently be no valid defence, so this will end up as either 'it's a fair cop' or anything that can detract from the facts

Allan Solo

Active Member
Sep 27, 2012
Probably one of the most hilarious threads I've ever read on ANY forum. Awesome to see everybody working together to keep the community clean from nonsense I salute you ballers!
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Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
@tommikka i appreciate what you're saying and agree to an extent however freedom of speech isn't a crime, nor are opinions. The police called Pete and tried to make him remove the thread, fairly aggressively it has to be said but @Robbo knows his way round things and seeing as they had no legal basis it was simply a request on their behalf, nothing more so he politely declined to acquiesce as they say in high society.

Bon has all the relevant information pulled from the thread, including anything I deleted which is still visible to the mods. If anyone was a victim of bullying it was probably me, can't you tell i've been traumatised?? The court case will rely on the facts and what can be provided by both parties, suffice to say we can provide and awful lot of evidence and prior admissions by Jamie that he was being a naughty boy, as well as IP addresses and alternate usernames.

Tony Harrison

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Mar 13, 2007
@Dusty - I think you're traumatised from spending too much time policing the classifieds.

What you need is a massage and a holiday.


Thunder Ducks #77
Feb 16, 2014
As a first time seller on the forums this week, it gives me such great confidence that the community will band together for a common cause (so long as it's just), and also that the Moderators on here really do their bit (and far more) to help out on situations like this.

Even though this situation hasn't involved me, I want to say thank you to the mods and everyone who contributed for getting a resolution because as a member of the community it just confirms that this is best site going and your all awesome :)