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Frequently Asked Questions - Project K

Project K

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Apr 25, 2012
Welcome to Project K 'Frequently Asked Questions' please feel free to ask one of your own in this thread.​
1. Q: Is all work done online or is there chances to attend clinics?
A: Yes, we can organise Clinics via Project K.. between individuals or team only groups.
2. Q: How long does my subscription last?
A: 12 Months from the signup date.
3. Q: Who are the coaches for UK/English speaking customers?
A: Jason Wheeler is the main coach.
4. Q: Do you do group based accounts?
A: Yes, you'll have your very own private team members section.
5. Q: Do you have individual accounts?
A: Yes, its purely a 1-to-1 account designed to be completely private between you and you're coach.
6. Q: How much is a 12month subscription?
A: Depending on what type of account you wanted you can enquire here: jason@the-k-project.com
7. Q: If we are a team and play regular events, can you discuss game plans, tactics and field layouts?
A: Yes, we will coach you and you're team as a normal coach would.
8. Q: How does it all start when I get signed up?
A: Firstly, the coach will ask you a bunch of questions to get a good idea of what kind of player you are, you're experience, position, what teams you have played for and similar questions to get a idea of what route is best beneficial for you and your current ability level.
9. Q: How do I get in contact, signup or ask more questions?
A: Jason@the-k-project.com is the best way.
10. Q: What skill level is this project aimed at?
A: Any skill level, each account's drills and curriculum is tailored for each person's/team's ability level.
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