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FS/UK Midnight Geo 3.5


Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
Hi All,

Took this in a trade for a team mate, would love to find a reason to keep it but it needs to find a new home.

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 in full Midnight (Dust Black) colour.

Just given it a once over and found no issues, serviced the bolt, reg and asa. Bought and fitted a one piece Front Reg cover which is far less annoying than the original two piece one.

Works as it should
Shot count showing 28k, no idea if it’s ever been reset.
Comes with case, spares, full set of keys, standard Shaft 4 barrel back and Pro tip,
lube and printed manual.

Reduced to £300.00 posted all in.

E82A82A9-76FC-4171-888F-F26144899824.jpegE013167D-011A-4DEB-8AB1-6AE40B6025A3.jpegF2503232-1399-4BB1-A7E7-75DF40515C41.jpeg. E82A82A9-76FC-4171-888F-F26144899824.jpeg
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