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Geo 3

killer m 100

Stay dench, or get FRIMPONGED!
Oct 8, 2011
Today up for sale is my lovely grey and green Geo 3, don't really need to say much about this its an eclipse what can you expect? Gun shoots fine, only had a problem with the eyes at the big game but that was due a poor paint choice from me so all on me not the gun itself. Cleaned and lubed before put back in its back, will try to find the eclipse lube it came with if not then I will try to find some other lube that I have somewhere.
No idea on shot count keep accidentally resetting it when I go to turn it off without looking however I know the buyer wont be disappointed.
Has the basic marks like marks to the anno on the end of the barrel which I have tried to show, as well as maybe a few scratches here and there.
Looking for £225 plus postage, I don't mind taking the hit on fees, and yes I know the barrel looks dirty in the last photo, I took it before I squeegied it, silly me
Need any more info or pics just ask me
41385908_237682553585950_3250875121597939712_n.jpg 41447984_693795911019394_1266699844022435840_n.jpg 41410724_320311015184130_7446339149314916352_n.jpg
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