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Getting back to the game

Hidden Hippo

Feb 15, 2011
After a particularly enjoyable public game with some friends yesterday and finding out there’s a walk on site sub-30 minute drive from my front door I’m getting back into the game. It’s been about 6 years since I last played and I was on a shoestring originally. Now that I have a little more cash on hand I have a few questions:

  1. Is the Habervision Eliminator any good? I have V Force Grills which are comfy, but yesterday they were fogging like mad (although it was humid).
  2. I have a Dye DM6, which needs a rebuild, but has marker tech significantly moved on? Better efficiency, more reliability? I played with a Ego a few years back and loved the poppet feel, but they seem less common nowadays.
  3. Any recommendations for tanks? I have short arms so preferred to use a 48/4500 over a 68.

Thanks in advance.


A few to keep me going for the time being
Jun 29, 2002
Which is the walkon site near you, as your best bet may be pop along on a walkon day and see what people are using and there are lots of helpful guys around that would let you have a look or even try some markers out. Cant comment on the habervision but grills are ok and if they are a good fit you may solve the fogging issue with a new lens. Modern markers are a fair bit more efficient than the DM6 and parts are getting harder to find but if it works will still keep up with current markers as velocity and rates of fire have not changed in fact if anything they have come down.