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Getting in touch with the mods.

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Guys and girls,

If you need to get in touch with a mod, for whatever reason, put up a post in the talk to the mods section. That way it will be seen by all mods and help will be more forthcoming.
If you need help with something delicate, feel free to PM one of the mods.

Please, PLEASE don't leave profile visitor messages on a mod's profile if you need help.
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Dec 6, 2004
However If you are having any emergency forum problems, pm any of us and we'll send you Lumps mobile number ,he's available anytime of the day or night and will be more than happy to sort out your internet worries.
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Gettin Better n Better
Aug 10, 2013
two issues actually.. are there any regulations for importing a marker from us?

second i got a guy who sold me a tank, the tanks on its way and all but i discovered he bought it for cheap off someone on here


Feb 20, 2006
Importing a marker from abroad is your decision and has nothing to do with p8ntballer. There has been many threads on this subject, use the search function, look up the info, you may change your mind.

You bought a tank from the classifieds, both yourself and the seller agreed a deal, you were happy to buy, you paid, the seller gives confirmation the tank is in the post.
Unless there is a problem once tank has been delivered, ie not in the condition described or faulty, then I do not see an issue here ?

For future reference when needing help, please post up a link to the sale/thread :)
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Nov 27, 2006
two issues actually.. are there any regulations for importing a marker from us?
If it is available in the uk then it will usually work out cheaper to buy in the uk even when the bus price is less
If not readily available in the uk contact some retailers and ask if they can slice one

Buying from the us means you pay the us price plus international postage
When it arrives at l the uk the importing courier checks the customs declaration. (Customs may check themselves but its mostly done by the courier as customs are busy looking for more suspicious items)
They look for the type of item to see if it is legal - you may get contacted for a vcra declaration. If its a bling speedball type in bright colours then all the answers are no and it's cleared
If its 'woodsball' then its still fine unless its considered 'realistic' looking
This is subject to opinion though and guns that are freely available in the uk have been destroyed or returned to sender
Next comes finance - if its over a threshold value (which a gun will be) then import vat becomes payable. This is 20% of the value.
The value is assessed at customs, they first go by the declared value but also check uk prices so may value it as higher then the declaration
You get a bill for 20% of the value, plus a courier handling fee between £8 & £20 depending on the courier
Once you pay then its sent to you

It means that unless you slip through the system then you pay more and wait longer, even if you get away with extra fees you still wait longer for international post

Your warranty will be with the us company and not the uk element or their importers
This may or may not make any difference. Techs at events will probably just work on it for you, but they may notice it is a grey import and charge you
Full warranty support involves the serial so the company will know and it's up to them if they honour the warranty as uk reps

Electronic guns in the us will have full auto and burst modes. These are often excluded from UK editions. But that does not make them illegal. You can possess the modes but cannot use them on uk sites

Finally by purchasing from the us you are not supporting the uk traders. Buy from the uk if its available, if its not available then ask someone to bring it in for you. They will quote a fair price and deal with the import problems - as a business they will get it into the uk and be able to charge you less then your importing costs. If its not available then import as you wish
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Aug 22, 2013
Hi . I still cant comment on adds of things I want to buy and I have about 23 comments on my counter. :( any advice how I can getpurchasing things. ( no comment box on cclassifieds)