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Getting interested in starting magfed..


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Jun 24, 2013
As per title, i find myself looking at magfed and have spent pretty much the last week looking at magfed markers and also the Tacamo conversion kits for various Tippmanns.

For some reason the Milsig M17 looks like a very good place to start. But after seeing it, noticing that it has full auto, would this restrict the use of it at sites in and around the UK?

The Tacamo kits look very interesting and a cheap way of getting into Magfed.

The appeal of it is that i'm growing tired of scenario games where its just a paintslinging contest with little to no tactics. I just like the idea of limited paint games and having to pick shots rather than hosing an area hoping for a hit. Even if i have 10 mags thats still only the equivalent to having a full hopper on my Geo 3. Except i have 4 140 shot pods on my back for when i've rinsed that hoppers worth of paint.

Have also looked at the Hammer 7 but i'd rather have a semi auto marker so i could keep my aim rather than having to pump to reload and lose my aim.

I don't want to go head on into it in case i don't like it and am basically trying to figure out the cheapest way into it.

Feel free to give me some opinions as it will all be taken on board.



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Jun 17, 2014
Milsig M17 is pretty nice, I know a couple guys at my field who use them, no problems here. We have a limit of 10 balls per second for woodsball but none of the guys using magfed will use full auto anyway. It kinda defeats the purpose of going magfed and you wouldn't want to reload so often anyway.
So to simply put it: if you get an M17, just don't bother using full auto.
In terms of other markers, the Hammer7 is cool and really cheap to try out if you're not sure about going mag fed. Remember though: When it comes to the price of any marker, consider the price of the magazines as well and add in however many you would be getting. I can't recommend the Spyder MRX as I had a friend who had one and it had leaks and stuff after the second time he used it for a day.
Have you considered pistol play? I use a Tippmann TPX with Zetamags and remote line and it's freakin' great! The Tiberius 8.1 or 9.1 are also valid options. You've also got the new Tippmann TCR which is basically a TPX with a bit of a body kit which you could buy separately later as a "Sarge Kit" or the Milsig FXR kit.
There's the Tiberius T15 which will probably be good. Not sure when it's coming out though...
Dye DAM is nice but for £1000? Nah. There are the Honorcore markers which generally are just not-as-good versions of Milsig markers.
I should mention I'm looking through the MagFedPBUK website as I'm typing this up, you should take a look. ( http://www.magfedpbuk.com/ ) Moving onto RAP4UK....
RAP4UK has got the T68 and 468 markers. The T68 works fine but isn't worth the money and I don't really know anything about the 468, sorry. They have got an X7 Phenom with a conversion kit for sale which is a pretty good deal. I have lots of experience with the Phenom (It's pretty good) but no experience with how well the conversion kit holds up. ( http://www.rap4uk.com/Drakelow-Tunnels-MKP-II-Phenom-Rental-Marker-p/drakelow_mkp.htm )
Remember magazine prices, the possibility of needing to get a 13ci air tank, remote lines and all of the pouches and stuff needed for all that.
I would still say pistol play is the best but some people prefer the more rifle styled markers, hope this helped :)
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Jun 24, 2013
Mate that is an epic reply so i thank you for that. Since posting this I've potentially found a BT-4 that'll be getting converted. Seeing as i play too much C.O.D it'll most likely end up as a sniper option for big games or just a simple QCB config for walk ons etc.
I have considered a tipx but i'm one of those who prefers a rifle style marker, though there is nothing to stop me getting a tipx one day for a side arm.
My mate has a 13ci tank i'm sure i can acquire if needed. Don't need to be running round with a 68ci for 80 rounds :D