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Jonny 03

If anyone happens to know this lovable mogwai could you give him a shove into sending my bottle, its been well over a week since he recieved my address so theres really no excuses, and had there been I'm sure he would of recieved my PM asking for an update as he was on as recently as yesterday. :confused:

I'm hoping this is nothing more than laziness to send as I really dont want to have to take it any further, migh I remind you Gizmo I have your bank details which the police would find useful to trace... :rolleyes:


Jonny 03

Okay this guy is annoying me, not a damn bit of effort to contact me and still no bottle. If he's lost an internet connection or is ill then I can understand the difficulty and had he dropped me a quick line all would be well, as he hasnt, and the money has been in his account for a few weeks now can anyone outline who I should speak to in order to take this further please?

Cheers guys,


Attitude Pr*blem
Nov 28, 2008
I would try one of the mods mate they might be able to shove him or pressure him into doing some think or. im sure they will be able to find some one that knows him and try that way i would contact robbo or lump.

Hope that helps mate.