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Goggles, Rotor and EGO Bolt

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Goggles, Loader and EGO Bolt Up for grabs


I4 - White - Good condition - SOLD
IMG_6848.JPG IMG_6849.JPG IMG_6850.JPG IMG_6851.JPG
Proto Axis - Camo - Used condition - £32 all in
IMG_6852.JPG IMG_6853.JPG IMG_6854.JPG IMG_6856.JPG
Grillz - Olive - OK Condition - Could use new lens - £32 all in
IMG_6857.JPG IMG_6858.JPG IMG_6859.JPG IMG_6860.JPG
Grillz - Black - Used Condition - Could use new lens - SOLD
IMG_6862.JPG IMG_6863.JPG IMG_6864.JPG IMG_6865.JPG
EGO TechT Bolt - Good Condition - Fits EGO 05 - 11 - £22 all in
IMG_6866.JPG IMG_6867.JPG IMG_6868.JPG IMG_6869.JPG
Dye Rotor - Liquid Olive - OK condition - £45 all in
IMG_6870.JPG IMG_6871.JPG IMG_6872.JPG IMG_6873.JPG

Item comes with what is pictured
  • Ensure you can make payment when you are posting - I don't want to deal with any more i will have the money at the end of the month.
  • Payment via PayPal
  • I work 9 – 5 in the week so items will be sent on a Saturday, if I can get to a post office at any point during the week then I will.
  • Pick up is also welcome, I'm in West Kent and will be at UK Woodland Masters In addition to this if you want to pick up at an event payment must be made prior to the day.
  • I've done my best to describe/picture the condition of the kit - Paintball is a sport where wear happens so ensure you ask any questions prior to purchase.
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