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Good luck Sparky........

Russell Smith

The Paintball Association
As some of you may know from another thread Sparky (the guy who ran the paintball side of Ancaster) has finished at Ancaster and decided to open up his own greasy spoon.
I would like to offer my very best wishes for the future to him and his family (best wishes not good luck he don't need that, have you seen his lady.... very nice) and hope his dreams come true.

Sparky was a massive asset to Ancaster and he worked extremely hard to make sure everything was as it needed to be.
People with his character are rare in this world and I hope this is only him out of Ancaster not out of paintball.

Ancaster themselves are a very professional outfit and as much as Mark's leaving will cause them problems I am sure they will stay one of the best sites in the country.

All the very best Mark.

Russ and all the PA staff.


Active Member
Apr 2, 2008
never met the guy, but good luck anyways, its good to see people make 'the jump'...