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Good Magfed paint!

Shane Constantine

New Member
Jan 11, 2015
Been browsing the web looking for a good all round paint to use. Most of the discussions are in the US or Canada however so taking into account how the weather is over here, they are probably invalid to us guys.

I'm going to list a few of my experiences with the range I've used,so any more new guys won't go wasting money on paint that doesn't function correctly (like I did) with the mags etc.

Empire blizzard: worked fine in mags however very inaccurate and had to spray and pray. After a month of storing them and using them at the next walkon (4 weeks) they were pretty much worse!

Infernos: Fed ok in mags and was also pretty accurate but a few breaks in the barrel. However this was a little old so may be the reason!

Sterling mace: when loading 20 into the milsig mags after around 20 minutes of spring pressure clamping them together. I noticed dimples in the tops and bottoms due to them being squashed! The shell couldn't take being contained in the mags. U could probably load a little less to avoid that pressure but this is not advised according to sources. Also a few breaks but shot very accurately!

Sterling shield: absolutely ZERO breaks all day playing! Not a single issue with them. Probably not the most round paint as the band in the centre is pretty bulky. But I found shot better than the blizzard.

MAXS Pure: these were green pure paintballs from Germany and they was absolutely perfect they shot extremely straight! Also very bright (actually glow in the dark) and had a nice tough shell! These were amazing however my local supplier doesn't have any coming over anytime soon. If anybody knows where to get these from PLEASE let me know.

I've also heard graffiti is good and marballizer but not really shot those. Magfed pbuk doesn't currently have graffiti in stock so I'm stuck there! But if any you guys know a good paint please leave a comment. Also, anybody familiar with the rap4 'magfed grade paint'? I was gonna give it a try but it's £60 so better be worth it!

Cheers comrades ;)

Magic Rat

Swansea Draguns
Nov 21, 2012
I used GI 1 star in Milsig XDC other weekend,no breaks and shot fine.
V accurate for 1 star paint.
I also use GI winter,that's also good but you get a few bounces.


Jan 13, 2008
Winter paint is best for Magfed softer paint gets easily dimpled by the spring tension in mags. Once that happens kiss good bye to you accuracy.

The winter paint might hit with a bit more authority in the warmer months. But this is mag fed you not going to be mag dumping on anyone. A couple we’ll placed shots and they’re just as out.

Plus the winter paint has the added benefit and being able to cut through foliage better!


Big Vic
Jun 25, 2019
Falkirk, Scotland
GI Frostbite. Never had any issues with my Milsig. I have all three variations of the Milsig mags and this paint works well in all. I've tried Graffiti but still prefer Frostbite. The shell on Frostbite is bright yellow so it's easier to see where it's going.


300lb of Chocolate Love
Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
If you have a chance to try the new GI Brigade paint, it's made for magfed guns and comes in 1000rnd cases. Lot of work went into it. Worth a look.


Nov 23, 2020
In Greece we had to ban GI Brigade paint from our games. The fill just doesn't come off anything... Not from camo, vests, even the markers. I had some breaks in the breach and didn't attend to it, till a few days later, when I saw the stains on my vest. This thing took me 2 hours of scrubbing in soap solution. Still in there... WD40 did the job. If you can find Graffiti, it is the bomb. Bit more expensive, but since you play magfed, it is better to be sure of your balls than having to clean the barrell every game and having your gear destroyed. My two cents.


Platinum Member
Oct 28, 2020
Graffiti is really good in mags! And can be bought from just paintball at £33(out of stock at the min)