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Gorgeous quotes! Post 'em up.


I hate paintball.
Apr 20, 2004
Here's a few that have entertained me over the past few months.

Originally posted by Lovetone
royal mail? royal bollocks

Originally posted by Skeet
You will find that that is generally because, most of us have a reasonable level of intelligence, and dont answer all comments with
"Thats WACK!"
"<3 111111!!!"
"Ur a kin fagot doood"

Originally posted by The Don
sorry if i cause any offence to any blind people reading this thread........ sorry.

Originally posted by duffistuta
I think Paintball will end up going along the same lines as skiing, but everyone is busy trying to turn it into football.

Originally posted by mighty righty
What if i wanted to join the fallen angels? I can’t cause i is not a girl? f*ck the fallen angels

f*ck f*ck f*ck them

Originally posted by Gyroscope
pea shooters! spilled beans! dangling carrots!

Is all our produce in peril? Is this all in some way related to a horse's mouth?

Originally posted by Mario
At least thats what i remember from memory.


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Originally posted by The Don
sorry if i cause any offence to any blind people reading this thread........ sorry.
Originally posted by Skeet
My friend was actually disgusted.
There he was, reading the thread with his fingers on my Braile Monitor, thouroughly fecked off about it...he lost his balls in an explosion on a nudist beech (BBQ went wrong), and they kinda flew up into his eyes and blinded him...very sad story.
My reply to that, top quote was apparently quite funny...

Originally posted by tombur
HAHA! Skeet, that has to be one of the funniest post's i've seen in a while! Lmao!
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I Would
Dec 6, 2004
Originally posted by Poppacap
because-----woodsball leads you down a very dark path ---next thing you know you'll be a scenario baller-----then you'll end up buying a spyder that looks like an AK47 --- shortly you'll start talking about the last time you took 'point' and wear urban camo to work --and then finally you'll wake up in the middle of the night screaming as you suddenly realise, YOU SHOULD OF JUST JOINED THE ****ING ARMY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

;) word
and the infamous

Originally posted by stevenrules
cut the american adapter of strip some of the wires back until u can c thye earth, live and neutral wire then just wire it into an english plug as that will convert the voltage automatically


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Aug 30, 2002
generally most stuff by Missy Q,

ha ha :). yes, you are very good
Originally posted by Missy Q
Its a dude, and he is hiding behind a womans e-mail address and persona (I hate it when people do that).

Originally posted by Missy Q
picking on 'cipples'?
It comes to something when the Americans have to correct the Brits on spelling.

btw, can we have this added to the 'gold' boards please? Its a true clasic and I for one would love to read it again sometime.
I think 'mad dog' is great. He should come on here a lot more often. In fact we should have an 'ask mad-dog' section, where we can ask him random questions about life in general and get his take on it. I would like to see what else he can blame the PA for. The Cuban Missile Crisis perhaps? He could be the next big thing.
I don't know mad-dog, but I like to think that most nights he sits in his armchair, drinking Carlsberg Special Brew, dressed in camouflage, copy of 'Guns and Bullets' on his lap, German Shepherd sitting obediently next to him, watching Platoon in between making prank calls to the PA and posting the occasional thread about them when his 'blood is up'
I love you mad-Dog, if I was into British guys I would take you home.

And Loco, as for getting me to behave, you may want to exercise your 'big brother' moderator skills closer to home, my old pal.

EDIT ADDED: Missy, you ignorant slut. Don't have the heart to delete this post as it is amusing nor do I have a rolled up newspaper with which to discipline mad dog so I will opt for closing the thread. Should anyone wish to express any views regarding the PA's future, etc. in light of the info in this thread feel free to start afresh. TFP
Originally posted by Missy Q
Hey Stevenrules!

I am originally from Birmingham and I 'think I'm a gansta'
Is it OK if I put it in my Sig?

and if 98% of people think they are 'gansta's' and the other 2% really are, then are you suggesting that the world is made up wholly of people who are actually 'gansta's' and people who believe themselves to be?
So where would my Nan fit into all this? Or the chick that works at my corner shop. Now I know that my Nan does not think she's a 'gansta', I doubt she even knows what one is, does this mean that she actually is a bonafide 'gansta' and part of your 2%?

What about the girl-band Destiny's child? Group of nice Christian girls, definitely don't think of themselves as 'Gansta's', does this mean that they are actually involved in some kind of underworld activity. Thing what that would do for thier career?

What about the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, or Mother Theresa?

Just interested...
Originally posted by Missy Q
OK, Stevenrules, thanks for clearing that up for me. I suppose I was putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 4.
Or rather 98% and 2% together, and coming up with everyone.

I decided not to put it in my sig anyway, as being a gansta is one thing, but having everyone think that I might be in the 98% of people who think they are, but are not, would be crushing for me. No way I could deal with the constant wondering.

Oh, and there is no way anyone would be allowed on the field with the spray-can etc. I mean seriously...
Originally posted by Missy Q
Ok, I have another thoery: Perhaps there is some sort of 'Superhero' alter-ego stuff going on.
Picture this if you will:
Liz - a perfectly normal person by day, drinks far too much in the evenings, and the next thing you know, she's wearing a lycra leotard with a big letter J on the front of it, slurring away, insulting the staff at the local offie (liquor store), calling everyone she knows 'bashtads' and leaving a trail of puke to her house, where she settles down to start posting as Jewel on her fave forum? Of course in the morning she doesn't remember anything about this, and the people at the offie are too polite to say anything...

Its a long shot, but it's not like anyone else came up with anything.
aaaaaand the favourite :D
Originally posted by Missy Q
just a thought - We could introduce Jewel to Mad-dog, and create a child who made absolutely no sense whatsoever, then we could charge money for people to have their picture taken with it.

It's a little insensitive, I agree, but 'where there's muck there's brass' (its an old Harlem saying)


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Apr 30, 2005
Originally posted by Skeet
True...however..we are not paranoid Americans, in constant need of affirmation of our greatness, from teh wider community.

Or are we...
this crack about the yanks made me chuckle :D