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Gossip, scandal, bragging rites and all that Jazz ....


Wizard, of sorts...
Feb 27, 2002
Nottingham, England
I played the event and yes there were a number of problems (mostly covered above) but all in, despite them, I really enjoyed the GCC.

I honestly believe mech/5.5 is the way forward for woodsball and I hope it sticks.


Feb 26, 2018
Morning J, and many thanks for your appraisal of the event at the weekend - I've now spoken to about 8 different people, not all of the same opinion but it's fair to say there are some common elements of criticism - Not all of them under the control of either Nicky Truter [co-promoter] or Ged Green [Site owner and co-promoter].

I'd better quickly declare that Nicky is a mate of mine and any criticism I may make is purely to help the promoters address any problems that might need looking at.
We need to grow this sport of ours and not bury events under a hail of criticism.
The way to advance our beloved sport is not going to be achieved by slagging off anybody and so I'm going to try and focus on the plus points but at the same time acknowledge any problems.

The last thing Ged or Nicky would want/need is to promote an event that doesn't give the players/vendors value for money and so any shortfalls were definitely not intentional.
I've got a few interviews coming in from Magued [Owner of Joy Division and winners of the event] and also from Ledz [Owner of Planet and The Sandbaggers].

I've already talked to Twizz and Rob Johnson who attended the event as captain of Nam Wreckin' Crew, the team my brother and myself created back in 1986.
On the subject of my brother, he played with the Turks at this event and so hopefully he'll be sending me some pics and copy concerning the event.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to add anything to this thread then please feel free …..
Back in the day you were either a Nam supporter or a Preds supporter.....i was a Nam supporter. Fast forward quite a few years......and i find myself in a Nam Wreckin Crew jersey mixing it up with some of the greats of the sport, how very privileged I feel.

With the return of the Mech scene, Nam Wreckin' Crew and the likes makes me feel like im 16 again, only with more money and nerve.

The golden era is back, long live the golden era.