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Grand Central Classic & Paintfest 2019

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Good points:-

1. Amazing turnout of old school players for the GCC, including Tris (NWC) who came over from Australia, a whole bunch of yanks, Magued & Joy, and Dave Coombes ( who flies over from Sweden to play);
2. A ton of players who hadn't played for years came out for this.
2. It's Paintfest.

Bad points:-

1. Most of the experienced refs were playing, and this showed. On the first GCC game when we were told game time was 8 mins. Rulebook said 10 mins. We played an 8 min game then on the second game we were told game time was 10 mins. **** happens.

2. Needed a larger staging area for the GCC teams, as a ****load of 10 man teams were crammed into a small tented area for two days of appalling weather.


Super Moderator
Mar 25, 2014
I knew some folks who went, everyone said other than the weather. It was absolutely amazing and deeply look forward to next year.

Also my jerkhead of a teammate won the Caliber from Nicky! *super jealous*