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GRAVEYARD PLEASE - SOLD - Etek 3 AM - Forest Dig-E-Cam / Black - Just had full service by Planet Eclipse + New HPR & LPR Pistons

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May 15, 2003
I am selling this 2011 Etek 3 AM - as you can see from the pics, other than a couple of small scratches and a litle anno wear on the end of the barrel. this is in mint condition and has been a back up marker - so very light use.

It had an air leak so was sent to Planet Eclipse for a full service and Mr Haddock recommended replacing the LPR and HPR pistons, so both were done last month.

It is super-reliable, accurate and as fast as anything you need today - I have set it on 10.4 BPS ramping but also has Uncapped and Capped semi modes.

It is the All Metal (AM) model in Forest Dig-E-Cam / Black.

All comes in original hard case, with spares, manual, eclipse gun oil, full allen key set and barrel bag.

To show just how mint this is I have recorded a video airing the marker up etc here

I am looking at getting a Gtek M170R and playing some mech tournies and that is the only reason I am selling. If I don't get around asking, I will not be selling - so please guys - no low balling.

Price: £195 including shipping and fees.


Sam Crouch

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Aug 4, 2013
Southampton mate but I work up Croydon and Brighton through the week or can do postage.
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