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Gtek vs Gtek 160R vs Geo 3.5


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Hello Fella, Over the years ( a Lot ) I think I`ve had Every Gun out there ( well maybe not a clone, but that`s because somehow I`ve missed them ) I have at the moment a good fair amount of top end guns, and yes I do love my Bob Longs, Not a gun for beginers !! what with the Geo`s and the Shockers Old and New,
the Ego`s and the Dye`s, I treated myself at the end of the season that`s just finished a G-Tek,
I used it at the 7 x Man at CPPS and I can honestly say I was blown away with it, the Ease of it was beautiful, and Boy did shoot well, as Sooo many of the other players found out, I will stand by my word with this and say the G-Tek is a Bang for Buck, on the money, Best Value I`ve ever had !! I took x 6 guns with me to that event, all of them top end stuff, which would cost me Twice if not x 3 times the money, BUT could I put that G-Tek down ?? >> No I couldn`t !!
Most Players know me in the UK and when given my word it`s Solid !!
on this Gun from Planet Eclipse = G-Tek, will knock the stuffing out of Most guns out there , and on this, >> I give you My Word !!!
>> Bluey.
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