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Heads up to Site All Owners !!


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
It has been the custom of this website to allow site owners to advertise and promote their training days/events etc for no charge ... I'm afraid this is a luxury that can no longer be afforded and the reasons are very simple.

Firstly, I have a group of about twelve advertisers on here, all of whom pay to promote their companies and products in the form of banner ads and forums ... this is how things work in the real world and basically we all pay for what we get .... it makes the world go around!!!
It's not fair to them and it's not fair to me in allowing free advertising on this site when everybody else has to pay.

One of the best things about our site is, and the reason why all site owners wish to advertise on here is because we basically covers 99% of the tournament player base and a fair proportion of other sections of our beloved sport.

And for someone wishing to promote training days, seminars or other events, our site is a god-send in terms of hitting the right demographic when advertising.

Not so long ago, Yorkie from Brickett Wood called me up and asked me if he could take out a banner advert and start advertising up and coming events at his site.
This was the first time anybody from a site has done this and I was amazed because no prevoius site owner had ever been that polite or that professional but more importantly, he was being realistic because everywhere else in life, Yorkie was paying for what he used.
I told Yorkie, to not worry about it and he could do what he liked and when he got going, then we could maybe talk.
He was a true professional because when I got back in touch a week or so ago, he had no problem in agreeing upon a more formal arrangement between us whereby he would begin paying for his advertising.

Bottom line is this guys .. from now on, if you wish to advertise your businesses upon our site, then you will have to enter into a more formal arrangement with myself otherwise there will be no site promotions allowed.

My mods have all been instructed to delete any such posts that are outside of any arrangement with myself.

I'm not gonna take the pis$ here, I am asking for a nominal sum really; it won't be breaking anyone's bank, far from it I promise, I am just making sure nobody takes advantage.
One thing however, in the past, some people have seen fit to try and beat the system.

They will decline any such agreement between themselves and P8ntballer but still try to promote their sites either through direct promotional posts or by a more subtle means of just 'mentioning' up and coming events at certain sites embedded in an innocuous looking post.

If any of this is done, there will be a one-time warning only, if this is ignored, then all those people making posts that promote events will be banned and that particular site will never be allowed any agreement between myself and them, NO matter what money is offered afterwards ...

If we work together, things work out well, if you don't wanna work with me, then fine, no problem, you won't be able to promote your events on here but please do not break the rules of this site otherwise it all tends to get rather messy.

And so, if you wish to play ball, and we all do, please get in touch with me and let's work things out professionally and respectfully.

Many thanks


Random Invert

Well-Known Member
Oct 27, 2008
N.Wales - Wrexham
only an idea:-

Is there any chance of adding a links page with just site hyper links? With an optional thread agreement for events, then people/sites can pay for a link to ther site instead of a banner which I assume would be more expensive and would require extra work to change each time a specialist event comes up?


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May 7, 2013
Although a paintball wedding would be awesome i dont thunk thats what you want lol


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May 7, 2013
Now that is awesome, althoigh i dont think the missus would agree haha