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Help us hand out a free gun!

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Buddha 3

Hamfist McPunchalot
It took us many hours of calculating and we had to bring in a bunch of accountants (as none of us at the p8ntballer underground nuclear bunker can count above ten), but we have a winner.

Ladies and gents, we are proud to announce that Crush And Devour has won a free gat! He will soon be receiving a shiny Tippmann XVR Crossover. As soon as we can threaten a postman to do the delivery for us, it will be winging its way to Crush's doorstep. Happy muppet mowing, Crush! And congratulations on behalf of the entire p8ntballer.com staff!

Now, if winning a free gun isn't a good reason to become a Platinum member, I don't know what is...
Aug 9, 2005
Northants UK
ah well thank you to everyone that took the time to like my entry :) and well done to x RENEGADE x 91, a worthy adversary.
I don't think ive ever won anything before, so I'm super stoked! Been excited like a kid in a sweet shop all week. You cant complain for writing a few lines of text for a picture, and getting a sweet new gat :) cheers p8ntballer and everyone else involved, i shall shoot many fools !
Not open for further replies.