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Hobbies other than paintball...

Gee Tee

1/2 man - 1/2 pogo stick
Mar 21, 2007
Dartford, UK
Badminton and motorcycles/trikes are my main hobbies other than paintball. I dabble at freshwater lake or river float fishing, but only manage a few sessions a year now. I've always been into DIY garage projects, having built/re-built several motor bikes in the past, and my trike which I still own. I've also built a ROTRAX kit car from scratch in the early 90's, which I ran for over ten years before flogging it.

Latest project is this Honda NC30 race bike that I'm busy preparing for a few track days this year

The VFR400R should be a lot of fun - as long as I don't copy this guy


Jamie Loader

Jan 3, 2013
Gaming and cars. Whole family has been involved with cars in some way or another either selling, mechanics etc. So looking at some point to have my own track car. Just need a bit of free cash, and some space to get to work on it!