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Homebrew Magfed Automag


Platinum Member
Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK
Having seen the 'Menace' magwell prototype that Stark pursuit designed for the Phantom, I thought I'd have a bash at doing something for my old .68 Automag. Only challenge was that it needed to be a zero cost project, so was limited to the contents of my shed. :)

First thoughts were to get either a sheet of aluminium or acrylic and bend it into a suitable shape - but lack of materials scuppered that one. While hunting for something of suitable dimensions I found an airsoft Herra Arms carbine kit which had been part of an aborted TiPX conversion - the inside of the body was roughly the right 1" x 2" dimensions, so out came the tools and the bodging began. Sadly no in-progress pics, just some of the end result.....warning, it ain't pretty.

I cut a suitable chunk out of the carbine kit, then removed all the interior braces etc. For the feed I decided to sandwich a 90 degree plumbing elbow between two wood blocks and have it friction fit onto the feedneck. To release the zetamag detent I used a headless screw protruding from the front woodblock.

Major problem was stability - feedneck friction alone wouldn't hold the entire setup stable, to I added a shaped support underneath the front block that rests on the automag body and then bungee corded the whole affair to hold it in place. Also used a load of 2-part epoxy putty to secure the 90 degree elbow within the magwell.

Spent ages trying to work out a mag release mechanism, but eventually decided to just go for a friction fit - which works fine as the mag is horizontal. Added a ramp on the entry to the magwell to make things nice and snug.

It doesn't require any mods to the Automag itself, I just removed the collar from the clamping feedneck on the ULE body. I'm calling this the Mosquito, as like the WW2 fighterbomber, there's a lot of wood inside it :D

Does it work? Erm, well kind of. It's very temperamental and feeds intermittently (mainly due to the dodgy job I did aligning the feed inside), but certainly shows that a generic magwell setup for normal guns is do-able - it just needs to be done by someone who isn't a hamfisted buffoon. :p