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How And When To Move Up The Snake ??

Eddy Collumbell

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts
Nov 20, 2011
Emsworth/ near Portsmouth
hey guys,

I have been playing more now i have found a good team i like to play with and my position i play is snake as im small, i know how to get into snake and i can get in most of the time, however when i get in i often dont really know the best thing to do, most of the time ill find out if there is someone in my miror and try and shoot them out down the tape, then ill shoot cross field abit and then try and bump up,

My question is, how do you know when it is a good time to bump into S2 or the 5, or when to shoot down the tape or cross field, also whats the most effective way of ''reading'' the game and playing the right move at the right time ??

Thanks guys.

Any Advice would be helpfull
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London Impact
Jul 9, 2007
Hey Ed
What i would suggest is get into the snake before the games start and look at the shot you have from each knuckle and also every few metres - Most people will sometimes miss shots across field as they push to hard and think they have to get to the end as quick as they can. The hardest thing is getting in there in the first place.
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Well-Known Member
Jun 14, 2011
If you look on U tube you will see several snake playing coaching vids .Planet have a good one done by Vicious .As Scott said look at your options before .As one of the vids says if you know where to shoot you can watch the streams coming in when your down and know where to shoot before you come up.Watching the pros helps you can see them working up and back to find a shot
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Luxe/GOG Tech
Feb 17, 2012
scout what shots you can make at each bump, even inbetween the knucles - but make sure you know what can hit you when you're in the open.
if someone is behind you make sure you know when each other are shooting infield or tape, both shooting infield and you get bunkered then they have field position on you.
if you know s2 is better than s1 then go for that as soon as, or when you put your mirror in make the bump then - shoot as you crawl - bennachia done a video on planet etv on youtube.


Wizard, of sorts...
Feb 27, 2002
Nottingham, England
**** all that, as soon as the players on the other end of your tape are dead/busy/looking the other way/locked down by your corner guy then dump as far down the snake as you dare as quickly as you can.
Pretty much this. If you aren't at risk then move as far and fast as you can. Although S1 might have different shots to S2 you're usually better served flattening the angles on the opposition as much as possible. If your corner guy is watching the line you're usually better served shooting infield.

Andy Steele

P8ntball isn't a sport
Sep 2, 2005
If there is no one in snake corner. Don't waste any time. Get your little arse into the opposing teams snake bunkers and shoot as many people as you can before ever marker turns on you.

That's what I've done..........and it's worked out pretty well so far.

Alternatively, if your at the Cpps this weekend. I don't mind giving up my dinner to show you a few things to think about when playing the snake :). I'm sure a fair few people on here will vouch for me being a fairly decent snake player
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Aug 14, 2012
I always wait for my team mates to get all the attention, when all guns are on them I push as far up as I can, get all of the attention, and my team does the same. Sometimes this doesn't work so I sonetimes try to rush them, I'm also very small but I'm also quite quick, I can usually take 1-2 guys out from the rush and my team finish them off. But don't take my advice, I've only played snake for a few months now!