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How far back is sensible?


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Jan 20, 2002
Leamington Spa
Hi all,

Bit of an odd question here. I'm refreshing kit after many years out and trying to figure out how far back in a marker you should sensibly go. Where it's still easy enough to get parts, servicing etc.

For example, I remember the Egos being super reliable and downright excellent. But am unsure if something like an Ego 11 would still have support from PE and readily available parts etc.

My favourite toy was a Eblade Nexus cocker, but they don't seem to have readily available parts anymore, unless you go to enthusiasts.
I don't have to worry about remaining seasonal for teams anymore, so would like to get something that will maintain itself for a while.


Sid Sidgwick

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A very good question mate, and comes down somewhat to choice of marker. Major manufacturers like Planet Eclipse will stick some older parts for guns but these will often be in short supply due to the ever evolving nature of the sport.

Planet guns rarely go down (as won't most others if looked after) so you are unlikely to need many parts. Some of the older guns have more parts readily available eg Angels and Shocker NXTs and there is quite a burgeoning trade in these parts online in the UK.

Autococker parts are readily available as well but have a princely sum attached due to the rarity of many bits now a days.

If you want a gun that won't cause too much issue then go with a newer 2011- gun, parts may be difficult to find but realibility is high or go an older gun circa 2000-7 where you can get more parts but have reduced reliability.
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Oct 28, 2008
Take cocker, add pump kit, swap for much frame and the only issues you'll get are ID 10 T errors or issues with the trigger operating nut.