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How many post before I can sell?


Nov 27, 2006
its Facebook takes me away from this forum
This is not a shop, the classifieds area is a trading area for members of the forum

Facebook segregated single interest groups out of forums, it made them sub-sections of the paintball community, but took a hit on the wider community

People are welcome back, and it’s entirely possible to use both forums and Facebook. I can even use the wider internet as well and have a social life.
The miracle of the internet in my pocket let’s me chat online, keep in touch with people I see regularly, occasionally and rarely.
There’s just one person that I’ve struggled to keep in touch with as she doesn’t use social media so we have to make time for the effort to call each other once in a while - or even write stuff. (I know more about what’s happening with friends across the world then her who’s just a few hours away)

You can use the forum and then get to trade, or you can choose not to