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How to replace HP reg.

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Mar 17, 2011

Any ideas/ suggestions how to replace the regulator on "Dye Throttle"? It had never been undone/ replaced ant sits very tight. Any methods or tips how to make it not so tight/ loose it to make easier to undo?

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Aug 1, 2003
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What that video doesn't say is, if the reg has been put on using a thread locker you will need to apply heat to break the grip of the thread locker, i usually do this by sitting the bottle reg down in mug of near boiling hot water for 10 minutes or so before trying to unscrew it.
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Make sure your tank is completely drained, take the fill nipple, gauge and burst disks out, preferably using the correct 7/16 AF spanner, off the reg and then clamp it in a soft jawed vice or between blocks of soft wood and use a strap wrench on the tank body. If it's tight and doesn't loosen with little effort either leave it on top of a radiator for a couple of hours or immerse it in a bucket of hot water and try again,

If there is any damage to the threads inside the tank neck it will fail a re-test on the visual inspection!

When installing the new reg, or replacing the old one, always use a new O-ring, or expect it to leak around the neck!
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