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How to use this forum: Dye / Proto


Hello again
Jul 9, 2001
Wherever I may roam

These new forums have been created so you can talk to the site's supporters, that they can tell you about their special deals or what's new in store and also so that if you have a query, they can help you out.

Basically, these forums are going to be governed by how the company wants it to run. So if they're OK with shop rats chatting about meeting up at the store, then that's OK. If they want to keep it clean and just for announcements, then we'll enforce their wishes.

The main thing is that (unless told otherwise) anyone can start threads in these forums as long as it's concerning the company involved. So if you have seen a new piece of their gear, or if you have just seen them at an event, maybe you want to thank them for fixing a broken marker - then it all goes in here.

Here are the details for Dye / Proto

Unit 1, ZK Park
23 Commerce Way
Croydon, Surrey
United Kingdom

Tel: 0208 649 6330
Web: http://www.dyepaintball.com/europe/

Company users on here: DYE Europe & Ash DYE Europe


High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts
May 26, 2012
just wanted to thank the DYE tech at Mayhem at the weekend for fixing my black/red NT11 stopped working dropped it off went back on field with back up used 600 balls came back in to top up and all fixed
Thanks again bud(y)