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Huge honking clearout of everything I own. Old school, spares, markers, masks, soft goods.


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
So, clearing space in the garage and I came across 3 boxes of stuff I'd put away years ago. Seeing as my time and opportunity to play are limited I'd rather turn it all into cash so I can spend it on other stuff.

I'm fairly out of touch with prices so if I'm miles off the mark, say so.
Feel free to make offers on multiple parts.
Paypal only.
I choose who to sell to.
Prices are plus shipping. Small envelopes £1.50, small boxes £5, large boxes £10, buy enough parts ie £75+ I'll pay the shipping.
Don't be rude or I'll simply ban you.
Keep everything on the thread (as per the rules) so I can keep an easier track of things.

Even if you don't want to buy anything, some of this stuff may bring back memories.

Pics will follow, there is so much stuff I have to list it individually then take the photos in the same order.

1 empire 1.1l bottle cover - blue £7
2 empire 1.1l bottle cover - red/black £7
3 Angel a1/fly Sly bolt £10 SOLD
4 angel a1/fly breech seals £5 SOLD
5 angel a1 eye covers and detents £7
6 proto PM7 aftermarket board Tadao or Yakuza I'm not quite sure £15 SOLD
7 Fill nipple protectors, keeps dirt and crap out mixed colours 50p each x17 SOLD
8 PM7 small spares kit orings, bolts, detents £5
9 invert mini board £15
10 angel ar:k eye ribbons £8
11 empire mask £15 SOLD
12 prophecy nose cone smoke, 195 round, £8
13 energy paintball rechargable 9.6v batteries X2, £5 for both,
14 really old school JT riot style shin and knee guards, Woodsballers rejoice!! £20
15 Invert mini large spares box,£10
16 Dye Nautilus gun bag, immaculate £20
17 JT Smoke lense new £12
18 invert mini air transfer tubes £4 each got a few of these.
19 90 degree and straight air line fittings £1 each all sold
20 macroline, black, approx 10 inch lenghts x 10 £4 the lot,all sold
21 empire prophecy good condition £30 (comes with alu neck insert)
22 black viewloader "egg" hopper, lid intact, battery cover intact, £20
23 halo shells, sparkly black £7
24 halo shells white, £7
25 extreme rage lense £4 each x 2
26 Sly annex clear thermal lenses £7.50 each x 2
27 eclipse gun oil bottles, small £2.50 each, x 6 bottles available ONLY A COUPLE LEFT NOW
28 prophecy loader alu neck inserts £3 each
29 England Xball jersey, signed by Nicky T, no name on back. £unsure of value, open to offers..... GONE
30 Old school Ironman Dye Jersey, C5 XL Very good condition. £15 GONE
31 E-vent/e-flex lens retainers, green x 2 £4 for both. SOLD
32 Clear profiler lens £5 SOLD
33 Coiled remote Line, never used £15
34 ARK bolt £10
35 A1/fly bolt £10
36 A1 valve stems £5 each
37 Old angel Airtime jersey of mine, Dusty on the back XL £8
38 Brand new airtime Jersey , red, XL £12.50 SOLD
39 Halo sold for spares or repair, could be working though. £15.
40 Sparkly red halo shells £7
41 Blue/black empire 1.1l bottle cover new £7
42 nxe knee pads, never worn will fit someone who wears Large £10
43 tipx 2 pack mags £10 SOLD
44 Halo shells, quick ish disassembly £6 smoke
45 Halo shells black £7
46 unitec barrel back AC thread silver £5
47 unitec barrel back ac thread blue £5
48 unitec barrel back ac thread gold £5
49 untice barrel back ac thread black £5
50 angel a1 barrel back.691 black £5
51 another empire vents mask, olive £10
52 old school stiffi barrel ac thread,£20
53 Carbon invert nightstick barrel never used £35


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James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
19 90 degree and straight air line fittings £1 each to me please (how many you got?)