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I guess you could call me a forum newb...


Nov 29, 2009
Morning all!
So it's been a while - joined back in 2009 but am not exactly a prolific poster (IE I have zero posts according to my profile.). I use(d) the same username on a bunch of other forums so some of you might have seen me around on A5OG, X7OG, 98OG, Tiberius Arms Forum, UKScenario etc. Used to play regularly, moved house around 3.5 years ago and have played a total of twice since...such is life. Trying to get back into it a bit, at least partly because an ankle injury followed by the arrival of a mini-paintballer have led to about 10 months of inactivity, broken sleep, lazy food choices...let's just say the end result isn't where I want to be! The main reason is I miss the game! Going from playing several times a month to virtually not at all isn't fun! That being said, for those who don't know me...

Got hooked on paintball around 2007/8 ish, played regularly at Prozone in south-west Scotland eventually Co-captaining the team there and marshalling quite a few of the EvS games there, played at bigger games in like Saving Private Ryan, Highlander etc, and now live in northern Aberdeenshire where sites are few and far between.

Bought and sold kit mainly via the OG forums before the rise of Facebook groups pretty much killed them, and now with Facebook virtually banning BST groups it's back to the forums - very pleased to see some have survived!

Anyway, look forward to spending some time here on a more regular basis, hopefully can contribute a bit, and can always learn more!
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Jun 18, 2011
Welcome aboard, congratulations on the little one and rest assured there are plenty of ballers in similar second risings.
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