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I just want to post up in the sales page

Buddha 3

Hamfist McPunchalot
As an old user you've fallen foul of the rules changes. The official options are to make 20 posts over the next 2 weeks or buy Platinum membership, but there seems to be an issue with the upgrade at the moment.
@admin might be nice and do a tweak, but do be wary of looking like you're bypassing the rules - especially as you have something desirable there.

I was going to refer you to a certain Facebook group, but I notice that you're selling a Snickers bar there (Either that or the market just got flooded with Crossmans)!!!!!
Had to do a little ninja edit in this post (sorry), as I don't want the guy to still have what he's flogging on show. Eff him, and the bus he rode in on.
Well done mods!


The complaints department.
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