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Introduction to the UK Masters


Lady Organ Grinder
Check out the www.uk-masters.co.uk and also find us on facebook.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Wendy and I have been running the UK Masters Tournament Series for just over 11 years, so you can expect a smooth running professional event that caters for all levels of player. In the beginning the series belonged to the Fallen Angels all female paintball team, there was me, Caz (Sonic) Myhill, Rebecca (Bex) Woolgar now Childs, Gemma Manthorpe, and Jasbir (Jazz) Lewis, these wonderful friends helped build the series and we played tournaments together all over the world. I run the UK masters on my own with input from friends within the paintball scene. The UK Masters is made up of two different series, the Southern Masters and the Midland Masters.


King of the Hill – is the same centre flag format as the 5 man, it is also unlimited paint, Millennium ramping, 300fps, 10.5 bps. BUT it is only a 3 man event and has a reduced entry of £105 per team and doesn’t start until March 2013.

The UK Masters 5 man is designed for up and coming teams, with a centre flag format, the maximum 100 points can be won in a match, these are made up as follows, 25 points for the first flag grab, 8 minute games, if you hang the flag under 6 minutes you can get 50 points, over 6 minutes, 40 points, 5 points for each opposition elimination and -1 point for every member of your team eliminated. Teams can play anything from 8 to 11 games. Unlimited paint, Millennium ramping, 300fps, 10.5bps.

Race to 2 – based on the Millenniums. Also runs January thru to August, 8 rounds of which the six highest scoring rounds count towards end of series points.

Race to 4 – based on the Millenniums. Just 4 events, two in the South and two in the Midlands, all will take place prior to the Millennium European events. Dates to be released shortly. Entry fees will be heavily discounted for teams playing all four Millennium events. Euro refs will marshal all these events.

PSP – information to follow.

The UK Masters is a member of the UKPSF and follows the Millennium European Series rule book.


The Southern Masters is held at Bricket Wood Training Centre (AL2 3TF), it runs from January to August, 8 rounds, of which the highest scoring 6 rounds count towards end of series points

The Midland Masters is held at Ashcroft Leisure, Uttoxeter (ST14 8SQ), it runs from January to August, 8 rounds, of which the highest scoring 6 count towards end of series points.

For more information call me on 07849 108 947.....
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Gaz #68

Warped #68
May 14, 2010
Nice to see you back on here Wendy. Hopefully see you at midland masters as long as the weather doesn't stop us travelling :)


Active Member
Jun 2, 2012
Great to see the series still going, well done Wendy

You may even get an entry from the original Sad team if you will have us

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Jun 9, 2008
Hi Wendy,

how northern are the northern masters ...
but I suppose it's never been northern enough
for Us Carlisle Ballers ....

I'm looking to start back up in the OAP league if there even is one lol

would be nice to see all the old Faces :D