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Is The NXL Killing European MLP?


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Jun 14, 2011
You are quite right on most of those points, except the above, If the MS had remained a going concern, the line up of events would have probably stayed as Puget (AKA St. Tropez) Bitburg, Ardingly (AKA Gatwick/London) and Chantilly all of which the MS had previous business with and/or existing continuing contracts in place and dates and venues would have been confirmed in the early new-year.
My intel suggests that the NXL team differs from the MS one, sure, there is some carry over, but certain board members were opposed to the takeover and have thrown whatever spanners they have to reach in what ever works were available.

There is an old adage that goes something like: How do you make a small fortune out of pro paintball ...
Spend a large one on it ??


Feb 15, 2002
Funny thing is: everybody still can put adverts at the existing www.millennium-series.com , as I do via AdSense. The owner of the domain still keeps up DNS to the existing web, as "it" was informed about that before - so: everybody welcome to place a commercial spot over there! Just send me a request.
Ahem, sorry if this touches the rules of this forums, Robbo: OK that way? I could point to your forums out of there, easily ;-)
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