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Issues with Anthrax Paintball Jersey printing?

Chin Balls

Oct 16, 2015
Hey Guys.

Any advice / help here would be much appreciated.

I feel a little let down by Anthrax Paintball when ordering our team jerseys. Last year we designed our own jersey for Anthrax to print. When working through the designs with them, Anthrax sent over amendments for us to make before print. We followed these amendments as instructed. When the jerseys arrived they looked different to the design proof shown to us. Anthrax is suggesting this is somehow our fault and are failing to offer replacements. Not only that, they initially offered to replace the jerseys at a small cost but after waiting over 6 months for them to reply with the fee they have now changed the minds.

I'm not really sure what I can do here. I feel a little powerless and this process is taken far to long.

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