Jason Wheeler PRO Clinic Course - Prepare for 2015


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Mar 8, 2010
CPPS Clinic - 25th October 2014

I will be hosting 1 of 5 off-season clinics with the first on 25th Oct. It will run on the brand new ASTRO-TURF field at CPPS and every clinic will cover different aspects of the game, tailor made to prepare you for 2015.

On each completed clinic you will get a iron-on patch to show you are competent and have completed the clinic that is attached to that color patch and full feed back e-mailed to you.

What you get from each clinic:

-Every clinic will be completely different from the previous one. Testing you in different segments of the game.
-Iron-on patch each time a clinic is completed. Every clinic will have a patch that is attached to it, which are only obtainable by completing that clinic.

-Loader numbers so you can be easily identified for feedback purposes.

-Preparing you for 2015.

There is a very limited number of spaces and there are criteria that requires to be met to be allowed onto the course.

Please e-mail jason.wheeler@leprojetk.com for more information.

Check out the clinics completed throughout Europe in that last year - https://imageshack.com/a/CDPz/1
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