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Jun 10, 2005
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Just tried to reply to your thread and can't as it been rightfully closed.
The stuff has been sent, if it hasn't arrived then it's not my fault.
My last reply to you on the 13th said I would try and chase it with royal mail, how can I do that over a weekend?.

At the end of the day you got a dm7 at £50-£100 under market value and I said if I could find any extra bits I would send them, I told you it would be a while as the parts were at my parents house.
It was never a condition of sale, it was goodwill on my part.

Yet again people post up a flaming thread for no reply within 3 days?, over a weekend?, some people do other stuff at weekends surprisingly.

Like I have said before, this place has turned into a childish place where people thing they can 'tell on you' and they will get everything they want. And like I said before I do not want to get involved with that.

If anyone has any GENUINE issues then they can have any contact details they like, just grow up for god sake.


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May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Doesn't matter what price you chose to sell it for, you sold him parts in the package. You happily took his money, royal mail is only a phone call. The number is freely available.

You and Jknight15 keep the mods updated please, let us know when this has been resolved.

Not open for further replies.