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Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
@Prestige Worldwide I am interested in buying one of your markers, can you PM me?
Sorry, this forum does not allow sales of markers via PM.

All discussions must take place "on-thread" for transparency, then we move to PM to deal with payment.

If you are interested in buying, just post up on the the relevant thread.

If you cannot access the sale section, you can either buy Platinum Membership or make the required number of constructive posts - that is, no spam/speed posting/one liners etc.

I know PM's might be an easy way to sell my marker, but the rules are there to protect both parties in a sale.

For example, I mentioned on a thread that I have 7 markers, but you've only seen the one I have for sale. How do you know I have the other 6, without photo proof?

I might be a scammer with a nice line in BS via PM. Or I might be someone who hacked this user's account. You never know.

In any event, you posted up in the wrong section - presumably because you can't access the classifieds, @Dusty